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For those of us that are used to smoking flower, it’s obvious that, depending on the strain or the amount you use, you could experience different outcomes. Some people love the surprise, while seasoned fans know exactly what they’re looking for. But, what are edibles able to offer? Edibles can offer various reactions, too. That might be obvious, since it’s still the same active chemicals that are getting you to where you’re going, but with edibles, the processes used to make them and the ways they’re ingested can really take you for different turns. The effects of edibles also last much longer than smoking flower, so you’re in for a longer ride with these experiences and might feel more sensations within that time frame. Here are four effects of edibles to be aware of, before you give them a try:

The Body High

You may have often heard that, with edibles, you get more of a body high. That’s not just a rumor; it’s actually true. A lot of people prefer this experience, and there’s plenty of difference between the cerebral high and the body high, but taking edibles means that the cannabinoids go through your liver. When smoking flower, they’re going through your lungs and straight to the brain, through your bloodstream. You can, of course, experience either through both methods, but with edibles, you may want to keep the possibility of a more vivid experience in mind, to know what you’re getting into beforehand.


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This feeling is more of that glued-to-the-couch feeling. You may feel a little foggy and slow internally, but your body will also feel most of the effects, physically making you slow down. For some people, this is the main reason they even turn for marijuana products. For others, this is exactly what they’re trying to avoid, when they indulge. If you’re seeking this reaction from your edibles, go for indica-based edibles. If you want to avoid this lull, then sativa is the way to go.


Red Eyes


I wouldn’t necessarily recommend getting your cat high, but it’s fun to watch them mow down on some grass (actual grass, you weirdo)


You may have thought that having red eyes is just a side effect of actual smoke, but think again. The physical smoked has nothing to do with your eyes getting red (unless, of course, you’re sending the smoke straight into your eyes, which should obviously be avoided).


Instead, it’s actually the THC at work behind red eyes, as it lowers blood pressure in a way that causes this visual side effect. When you’re at the peak of an edibles high, you’ll often look in the mirror and notice that your eyes are even more glassy and red than when you smoke. This is normal, and, at least in my experience, usually a tell-tale sign that you’re at the height of the ride.



Although anxiety is not the best of the edibles effects in the world, it’s one which should be mentioned. While it does happen for some people, this is a common one for many marijuana users, regardless of the product. With edibles, however, you’re getting your dosage all at once, rather than spread out, whether you like it or not. You can’t just tap out, like you can when you’re smoking; you put it all in your system, and there’s no backing out.

Playing stoned Scrabble would give just about anyone an anxiety attack


The simple rule for avoiding this is to never eat edibles on an empty stomach. Of course, some of us are more prone to anxious reactions, and too high of a dose on a full stomach could still create anxiety, but eating actual food before you partake can mitigate the effects. It’s not like the same effect of drinking alcohol on empty stomach, where it absorbs too fast, but rather, this feeling comes from the fact that you’re not getting enough of all of the cannabinoids. You need that CBD to balance out the THC, and a full stomach promotes absorption of the former, which means the latter isn’t going to make you freak out as much. This is also something to keep in mind for those of us who use edibles for CBD specifically. Eating before using edibles, as bizarre as that sounds, will improve the desired CBD effects.


Panic Reactions

It’s terrible to think about edibles making you panic, but there have been reports of some pretty serious reactions. The word “overdose” can definitely make this seem very frightening, but that’s not what’s actually happening, when it comes to edibles effects. In the last section, I mentioned anxiety; for some people, anxiety can reach levels that may require a hospital. Faster heart rates or passing out are a few things that you’ll see, when people ingest more edibles than they should. As is the case with most recreational chemicals, careful dosage is important for safe use. In an effort to make dosages clear, edibles brands are doing their best to curve accidental usage or over-usage, with special labels that indicate THC content.


That’s why it’s very important to know what the correct serving size is, for your treat of choice, and to make sure you have control over your environment. Start with the recommended dosage of 10mg of THC, if you’re just starting out with edibles, and make sure you’re not going at it on a full stomach.


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